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Celebrate Black Culture

Our Story. Our Stage. Our Time


Plowshares Theatre Company exists for everyone

It provides a stage for those who never had one. It provides a platform for those who need one. It shines a spotlight on lessons learned by our ancestors. And it shines a light forward for the next generation to follow. It creates a safe space to start a dialogue and a place for the talent of Detroit to rise up and inspire.


A New Musical about Our City

Plowshares Theatre Company, presents Hastings Street. The world premiere musical is set on the cusp of change in Detroit. Sporting a book and score written by local artists John Sloan III and Kris Johnson, Hastings Street, explores the lives of Detroiters at a moment when the city was rewriting the lives and landscape of thousands of African Americans in the name of progress.






About Us

All Pull Together

Join hundreds of others who have already supported the “Harambee: All Pull Together” Campaign and make a donation today. Your generosity will be felt by thousands of artists and audience members like yourself whose lives are transformed through the incredible experience of Black Theatre.

What's Next?

Upcoming Events

APR 15th

Detroit, US

New Griots Festivals

July 21st - 31st

Detroit, US

Hastings Street

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