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Audition Notice

Rules of the Audition Room

Actors should expect the audition process will vary from one institution to another; no two auditions are exactly alike. However, there are some rules we expect auditioners to follow.

  1. Always be prompt. If possible, be 15 minutes early so as have time to look over any sides (copies of the auditioning material).
  2. Always have a current headshot and resume.
  3. Always dress in a professional manner. Choose clothing that may help reflect the specific role for which you are auditioning or are clean, appropriate and not too revealing.
  4. Always know the program; i.e., who you are auditioning for, what show you are auditioning for, and which roles in the piece are best suited for you and your talents.
  5. If you are auditioning as part of Generals, walk to the center of the room. For the acting portion of the audition, tell the people conducting the audition what you plan on performing. Then, find a place on the wall just above the head of those people to place your focus. Don’t look directly in their eyes while you are performing.
  6. If the people conducting the auditions request you have a prepared, memorized monologue from a play, HAVE A PREPARED, MEMORIZED MONOLOGUE FROM A PLAY. Not something from a comic book or a poem or a TV show or something you wrote or made up minutes before your audition. If you can’t read a play or two to find an appropriate monologue then why are you attempting to be employed by a theater company?
  7. For the singing portion, take your music to the accompanist. Greet him/her at the piano and open your book to the song you plan to sing. Show your cuts to the pianist (clearly marked) and set your tempo. Do this by softly singing a few bars of the song. Do not snap your fingers or tap on the piano. Setting tempo should only take a few moments.
  8. Give your accompanist a cue with a nod of your head and begin singing.
  9. If you are using a recorded track, be sure your playback device is fully charged without the need to plug into a wall socket. Most people use an iPod, iPhone or some other smart device with a docking station or a small portable CD player.
  10. When you have finished, hold for three seconds, then break and smile at the person conducting your audition to signify you’re finished.
  11. If there are no questions, thank the person conducting your audition for his/her time as you exit the room with a smile.
  12. Always be joyous, be brave and be yourself.

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