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“The Master’s Tool” – Black Theatre Matters, Ep. 103

Black Theatre Matters is a podcast designed for you. It is designed to be informative, exploring new works, as well as interviews with Black Theatre artists and organizations. We promise thoughtful commentary on trending issues, principles of the art form, and ideas underlying Black Theatre.

Here’s the rundown for today’s episode: In Segment #1 I’m going to answer last week’s Black Theatre trivia question and provide a little historical context. Then I’ll give you this week’s question. In Segment #2 I will introduce this week’s Black Thought. This week’s quote by Audre Lorde best frames the theme of the episode. Finally, in Segment #3, I’m going to look at the recent protests for greater equity and inclusion in American society that have spilled over into the American Theatre.

About Black Theatre Matters

Black Theatre Matters is a bi-weekly podcast covering the intersection between culture, politics, and Blackness. Black Theatre Matters explores the various plays, people, and topics of importance to Black Theatre, the production elements and unique dynamics of Black Theatre. In other words, Black Theatre matters.

A program of Plowshares Theatre Company, BTM is designed to be a liberal arts resource dedicated to supporting, documenting and celebrating the achievements of Black theatre artists throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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