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Vision Party

We’re entering a New Stage!

Plowshares Theatre Company Cordially Invites You to A Vision Party

Over the last few months, we’ve chartered a new future for Plowshares. We’ve used this shutdown to take a comprehensive look at Plowshares, its audience, and its programming.

Now, we’re ready to unveil it. So here’s the request: I’m looking to pull together a group of these keen thinkers and I immediately thought of you. So this is an invitation.
What: A Vision Party
When: Saturday, February 20th at 4 PM
Where: A Zoom Call (I know! Sorry! But since it’s a party you can join us with a glass or two of your favorite beverage!!)
Can you give us a bit of your time and thinking? It would be invaluable to us. Personally, it would mean the world to me if you would help us
If you could, please respond back yea or nay that would be fine.
Please fill out the contact information below.
Thank you for your consideration.

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