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Kalimah Gardner

Introducing Kalimah Gardner!

We are happy to introduce to you our newest member of the team, Kalimah Gardner! She’s joining Plowshares Theatre Company as our new Administrative Assistant.
Currently a student at Henry Ford College studying Telecommunications, Kalimah plans to transfer to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in a year.  Specifically, she will seek a Film, Television, and Media Production degree.

Kalimah’s Aspirations

Kalimah aspires to be a Creative Producer.  She wants to produce films and television series that are profound and empowering.  Overall, she desires to depict themes of reclaiming life’s happiness and purpose despite adversity, mental illness, and self-worth.

After losing her father to COVID-19, Kalimah lost her sense of purpose and self-worth.  Storytelling helped her overcome this period of depression.  She saw how it could empower and inspire audiences through challenging times.  Kalimah said, “Seeing and being inspired by the many empowering narratives and implicit meanings in films showed me how I can use my testimony and experiences to support and empower individuals with shared journeys.” Kalimah said, “This is my mission in life, and I hope my time at Plowshares Theatre will get me one step closer to achieving my dreams!!”

Mutual Benefit

Thankfully, this concludes an eight-week talent search facilitated by our partnership with the University of Michigan’s Edward Ginsburg Center.  Their mission is to cultivate and steward equitable partnerships between communities and the University of Michigan to advance social change for the public good.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to bring new talents to our Administrative team.  Kalimah is a wonderful addition.” said Producing Artistic Director Gary Anderson.  He continued, “Our overall objective is for Plowshares to provide institution-focused, professional experiences for our staff members.  This will help to facilitate an open and inclusive culture where all team members can thrive.”

Kalimah is an energetic and driven individual.  Moreover, her deep appreciation of Black culture, theatre, and the arts tells us she will fit in nicely.  Finally, we are happy to introduce her to all our patrons and friends!

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