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Ava DuVernay said she wanted "ORIGIN," to "start a conversation" around the issues the film raises. At Plowshares, we wish to help kick that conversation off this month.

Starting a Conversation on “ORIGIN”

“ORIGIN” is Ava DuVernay’s new film adaptation of Isabel Wilkerson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, CASTE. The film incorporates Wilkerson’s personal and professional challenges while researching the book. This is a creative approach to storytelling. Award-winning director and screenwriter Ava Duvernay is one of our most imaginative and inventive storytellers working today. She has said she wants “ORIGIN” to “start a conversation” around the issues the film raises.

At Plowshares, we’re always happy to help “start a conversation” around art and essential topics. So, we want to help kick off that discussion this month.

ORIGIN explores the history and systems of race, power, and hierarchy. We at Plowshares are offering to host a forum where patrons and friends who have seen the film can come together to discuss their reactions to it and the ideas it poses to us.

If you want to participate in this conversation, click here and complete the form. In the SUBJECT field, type “ORIGIN: Start A Conversation.” In the MESSAGE field, please tell us your preferred time (afternoon or evening) and part of the week (weekday or weekend). We’ll go with what the majority of people say is best and share that with the group of respondents.

I hope to see you at the gathering. I think the exchange will be enlightening.



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